SOB on the Inside


When we were young we were told “Never let em See You Cry”

That was some older generation thinking back then. Ideally we shouldn’t become or continue to be emotionally constipated.

But there is still a time and place for your tears

  • I have cried with and in front of my wife

  • In front and with my kids

  • In Therapy sessions

Fuck I have even sat in my car in a dark and isolated parking lot and just lost my shit ( more than once)

When I say SOB on the inside I mean learn to control your emotions and your mindset for your day to day interactions with the people and world around you.

In order to become effective in our journey to self improvement we need to control how we feel and how we manage our mindset.

Set your mindset to be positive and pleasant to be around and interact with.

Most people don’t give a fuck about your issues and problems.


Because they have their life to deal with.

In fact people who enjoy hearing about your issues are pretty fucked themselves.

Misery loves company

Question is, is that the company you want to keep?

Positive people seek out their own kind. They know how we feel is a choice we make inside our own heads and hearts.

Look at your Circle of 5

If your circle is happy with you being miserable or negative, that should tell you something. That means they are the same way to.

  • Never accepting responsibility for their failures

  • Criticizing people who are successful

  • Being jealous

You and your friends will never achieve fulfillment and happiness.

Positivity is a choice

Its all about mindset.

The words and scripts we say to ourselves. The thoughts that occupy our minds are the source of our success or failure.

Our programming is what shapes our success

A positive mindset will

  • Inspire you to become better

  • Motivate you to workout

  • Keep you accountable on your diet and food prep

  • Empower you to become comfortable being Un-comfortable

3 steps to creating a more positive mindset

  1. Control the words and scripts you let into your head space. Speak to yourself with respect and self love. You deserve it.

  2. Use daily affirmations. My Favorite is “ I am exactly where I need to be in order to learn what I need to learn, to create the LIFE I truly desire”

  3. Read Everyday. Read a minimum of 10 minutes daily. Read books on Motivation - Self Help - Biographies